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Kitchen Remodeling El Paso

The heart of your home is often the kitchen. Memories are made over the delicious meals you cook in the kitchen. Kitchen Remodeling El Paso makes those memories even better with the kitchen of your dreams.

We have a service for every part of your kitchen remodel. We are happy to update your lighting, backsplash, and more.

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About Kitchen Remodeling El Paso

El Paso kitchen remodeling helps you in every process of your remodel. You are not on your own in finding materials that work best. We will help you find the lighting, appliances, backsplash, and more that will look amazing in your kitchen.

We have the “kitchen contractors near me” you want to work with. We are well educated on the materials and layouts in kitchens that work and look best.

Punctuality is one of our most valuable qualities and one that our past clients have appreciated. When we say we will be there, we will be there. When we say we will get it done, we will get it done.

You will not be waiting around for your “remodeling contractors near me”, they get the job completely finished. We are professional in both our communication and our appearance.

We are thorough in our descriptions and explanations of the process and the expectations. Our mission is for each client to be highly satisfied with us and our work. We do a good job of maintaining our reputation and gaining referrals.

It is our goal for you to be confident in the process. We strive for you to be confident in the job we are doing as we plan and prepare with you. We have open communication throughout the entire remodel.

Why Choose Us For Your El Paso Kitchen?

Kitchen Remodeling El Paso is different than any of the other kitchen remodeling companies in El Paso because:

  • We design custom kitchens El Paso
  • We do small kitchens designs
  • We give you kitchen ideas
  • We have fair kitchen remodel cost
  • We can do any kitchen upgrade that you need
  • Each remodeling contractor here is licensed and insured (Call for license number)

When doing kitchen remodeing our kitchen remodeling contractor El Paso TX makes sure to look at every detail beforehand. They are prepared to face any problem that may arise.

Sometimes unexpected problems arise during small kitchen renovations. They may also happen with any kitchen renovation. We face these turns with ease and do not let them set us back.

It has been many years that our kitchen designers El Paso have been designing kitchens that our clients rage about. Our kitchen contractors then perform the kitchen remodeling El Paso TX that meets their expectations.

We do a wonderful job at giving you kitchen remodeling ideas if you are not sure what you would like to be done in your kitchen. Contact us today so that we can begin exchanging ideas and expectations. We will come give you a free consultation to see the layout and design of your current kitchen.

What To Expect?

There are many reasons our clients love working with us. Some of these reasons are because:

  1. We explain every detail of your kitchen renovation cost
  2. We help you to create your kitchen design
  3. We do every type of kitchen remodeling and kitchen installation

When doing a kitchen renovation El Paso we walk you through the process. You will first need to give us a call or fill out this form here.

We will come and look at your kitchen. We will discuss what it will take to upgrade and remodel it. We will find out what your ideas are and what your kitchen dreams consist of.

We will create a 3D design to show you your design plan. It will come with a detailed explanation of the cost with everything broken down.

We will begin with a demo. This is the fun part. We will then get the kitchen set up for the installation of other appliances, flooring, cabinets and more.

We will install everything in the kitchen as close to perfection as humanly possible. You will love and appreciate the quality of the materials and installation we do.


We offer many services so that each of your needs will be met when doing your kitchen remodel. We do lighting, sinks, faucets, backsplash, flooring, cabinets, countertops, and flooring. As you can see, we do it all. We love to do complete kitchen remodels but also will do partial renovations if that is what you are looking for.


Kitchen Lighting

Have you ever cooked in an unusually dark kitchen? Do not let that be yours.

Let us add some wonderful under cabinet lighting or some eye-catching pendant lights above your island.

There are many different types of lighting. Some are better for saving energy while others are better for lighting the area you have.

We will go over all the lighting options that you have and find some that are perfect for your budget and style.


Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring is very important to put much consideration into when remodeling your kitchen. It needs to be waterproof and hold up well to wear and tear.

It will have tons of traffic for years and years. We suggest laying a tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring in your kitchen.

We also suggest steering away from hardwood in the kitchen. It does not hold up as well as other materials.


Kitchen Countertops

Marble is not a great option for countertops. It tends to stain very easily. Some materials for countertops only come in certain sizes.

Not all options are able to be made custom to your counters. This is important to know when picking out your options.


Kitchen Cabinets

Stock cabinets are one of the most popular because they have good prices and you can count on them to be in stock, or quick delivery.

Semi-custom cabinets are also very popular. This is because they come in more sizes and finishes.

Custom cabinets are ideal but they may take months to make and will cost much more money.


Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

The sink and faucet are one thing that hardly ever gets updated. These can change your space in a great way.

They can make it much easier to get the job done when it comes to dishes and cooking.

Filling large pots with a high faucet and deep sink is much easier. The same goes for washing large pots and pans.


Kitchen Backsplash

If you would like to extend the space in your kitchen you will do that by choosing your backsplash wisely.

The way that we install your backsplash will allow your kitchen to come to life. It may add more to the expense but will also add much more to the appeal.

If you want an elaborate design in your kitchen, your backsplash will do the job.

Above your range or above your sink are two popular places that we can do an elaborate design that will draw your eye to those two spots.

About El Paso

The population here in El Paso is around 681,900. We are the home to companies that are publicly traded. There are many medical centers here and we are also the home to many call center headquarters.

The military and federal groups are dense in the El Paso area. We are ranked as one of the safest large cities. We get both the cold desert winters and hot desert summers. The best of both worlds some might say.

The sun shines most days of the year. We have some of the most wonderful and historic neighborhoods. Some cities you may want to also check out near us are:

  • Horizon City, TX
  • Canutillo, TX
  • Fort Bliss, TX
  • San Elizario, TX
  • Anthony, TX
  • Clint, TX
  • Tornillo, TX
  • Fabens, TX
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

In what order do you do a kitchen remodel?

Some kitchen remodeling companies do kitchen remodels in slightly different orders. There are a few things that must be done in the same order. These are you first must gut the area and do all the demolition of what you are no longer using. This takes time as you must demo in a way not to ruin parts of the kitchen you will still be using as part of the newly remodeled kitchen. We then will do the framing for any new areas being added to the layout. This may include a pantry, an island, or more. We may need to adjust the plumbing and electrical for new appliances and fixtures. We then move on to the cabinets. We then finish off the kitchen with flooring and little touch-ups.

Is it easy to move appliances to different locations during a kitchen remodel?

Yes. With our knowledge and skill, we can figure out the best option for your kitchen layout. We have the ability to move things around as needed. It may take some extra time as we rewire or re-plum certain areas but it is possible.

How much do custom kitchens El Paso cost?

A custom kitchen will cost you more than the usual kitchen. This is because all the cabinets and countertops will be custom made to fit your kitchen layout. Custom kitchens also usually have more high-end materials that cost more money. If you are interested in doing a custom kitchen remodel give us a call. We are happy to come out and give you a more accurate estimate of what it will cost you.

What do I need to prepare before we start the “kitchen remodel near me”?

It would be great to have a good idea of what style and materials you like the look and feel of. If you need help with ideas you can always look online or at magazines or good remodeling shows. You will want to make sure the construction area is clear of all your belongings. We protect all the items surrounding our construction area but you may want to cover all furniture. It will get very dusty while you are remodeling your kitchen if it is not covered.

Is wood flooring good for a kitchen?

No. We do not recommend wood flooring for the kitchen. This is because it does not hold up well to wear and tear. It also does not do well with water. We recommend any flooring that is not only water-resistant but waterproof. Tile or laminate would be better options to consider in your kitchen.

Customer Testimonials

The price of our kitchen was very reasonable. We love how it turned out and would use this company again in a heartbeat.

Kate T.

The team did a great job and made it a great experience for us. They made it a smooth transition for us from one kitchen to the next.

Branson L.

The materials came in quickly and were exactly what we were wanting! They installed them fast and were very professional.

Jani R.

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We offer a service for every single aspect of your kitchen. We help you create a kitchen design El Paso that works best for your kitchen and your style.

Do not become comfortable living in a kitchen that you do not love. Call us today to get scheduled for a free consultation. We will go over everything you need to know about Kitchen Remodeling El Paso.

Kitchen Remodeling El Paso

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